Prof1t Biometric Monitoring

The Prof1t Remote Monitoring System has the following benefits:

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  • Affords a massive reduction in the cost of inspectors and transportation to sites
  • Allows you to register the staff members onto devices
  • A practical way of electronically monitoring Guards, Cleaners, Factory Workers, etc
  • Uses a specially enveloped Remote Monitoring Device that is based at the site or post
  • Staff requirements of the post are downloaded to the device via GSM or the Internet
  • Prof1t monitors pre-determined signals from the device via GSM or IP to help with up-time and maintenance of devices


Why Biometrics?


Biometric systems are the most secure attendance management systems on the market. With increased security, your employees have to be at work to punch in. This means an elimination of buddy punching and a reduction of time theft. Moreover, the improved security means a savings of hundreds or thousands of rands or dollars in labour costs for your business.


With increased security comes increased accuracy. Aside from buddy punching and time theft, mistakes in calculating hours worked can be costly as well. The automation and reporting provided in the software component of a biometric system brings a level of unparalleled accuracy to your workforce and payroll management. You’ll be able to monitor tardiness, breaks, overtime, vacation, and holiday hours and your employees will be able to trust that their work is being recorded correctly and fairly.


We’ve spoken to many companies whose management spend days calculating their hours worked manually. Even with calculating time recorders, a company can only become so efficient while doing any form of manual calculation. Chase Prof1t completes hour, wage and benefit calculations in no time. This allows your Payroll or HR department to do other more important things with the time!

Easy to Use

The Chase Prof1t automated biometric attendance system is both easy to implement and easy to manage. Employees can log their attendance with just the touch of a finger and managers can pull attendance reports online. It doesn’t get any easier?


Finally, the fifth reason is a combined benefit of the four previous. Ultimately, compliance is why we manage and maintain records of attendance at all. One false move and you’ll end up with disgruntled employees with the possibility of being slapped with a CCMA suit that could cost your business its very existence. When you combine security, accuracy, efficiency and ease of use, your company becomes fully compliant mitigating your risk of labour suits.