Enterprise Resource Management

More about Prof1t.

Prof1t has been built for all facets of a company's day to day operations, making it really unique!

Fully compliant:

  • All legislated pay rules are automatically implemented into system
  • No need to worry about compliance, total peace of mind
  • Meets all PSIRA and Sectoral regulations requirements

Automates deductions and functions:

  • Loans are fully automated
  • Fully compliant with Provident Fund rules
  • Garnishees, maintenance and administration orders
  • Caters for all statutory reporting requirements (EMP501, EMP201 & ETI returns)
  • SARS Easyfile electronic submissions (IRP5; IT3A)
  • UIF declarations via electronic submissions
  • Employment equity
  • Skills management
  • Allows for various pay cycles
  • Allows for permanent as well

You can divide your company into branches or divisions or cost centers, and add customers.

You can group anything for example employee types – Guards or Reaction Officers or Cleaners. In addition, sites are allocated posts and can be divided into sectors controlled by managers. The system stores comprehensive data on every employee. Builds data about all sites and posts within those sites. All relevant information, including full contract details pertaining to a site is recorded.

Control rosters for each post, with a flexible cycle periods of between 7-40 days, also makes use of standard templates.

Produce check sheets (Posting sheets) allowing Inspectors to correctly inspect each site on a daily basis. Control your staff wages in intelligent payroll with minimum fuss. Provides flexibility that accounts for sick days, leave, overtime, bonuses, ancillaries like materials or firearms, allowances for uniforms, cleaning etc. Produces accurate quotes for new or existing customers.

Reduce inspection costs in terms of petrol and time by inspectors.

Control employee attendance with biometric logging or better still clocking in / out on a cell phone. Employees are accounted for on-site and when they change shifts. The system automatically registers actuals to the control room and pushes attendances directly to payroll. It automates leave and reports exceptions should an employee fail to attend a post.

  • Modern functional design conforming to the latest trends
  • Fully configurable per client per industry
  • A powerful configurable rules engine
  • Cutting edge domain driven architecture
  • Utiilizing 3 rd party controls save development time and adds to the user experience
  • No bug philosophy

Easy to use

  • Drag-and-drop features
  • Auto-populate features
  • Navigation memory
  • Dashboard views
  • Standardized features throughout
  • Clever search functions
  • Field & page validation throughout
  • Clear user feedback
  • Minimal “click thru’s”
  • Keyboard functions
  • Mobile App